10 things you can do with Google Home Assistant

If you have a smart home, then one of the best apps is the Google Home Assistant. Through it you will be able to handle the smart objects that you have inside your house and configure them to get the most out of it. Here are some data so you can use your artifacts without wasting time or energy. According to statistics, Google last year sold more than 6 million smart home artifacts.

Some of the best things you can do with Google Home Assistant

Sleeping with a relaxing sound

If you have a smart sound device, Google Home Assistant lets you tell it to play the rain sound while you’re sleeping. There are other sounds that you can also use, that will work so you can sleep more effectively. You can set an alarm for when you think you’re asleep and then it will stop. This way you’ll save energy.

Controlling the various smart objects

If you want the lights to go down at a certain time, make the air conditioner get colder after 8 o’night or have the microwave hot in a certain way, then you can set it all up and save a lot of time. Through Google Home Assistant you can order your cleaning robot when it has to start polishing the floor, to the air conditioning when the temperature should rise or when the house should turn off completely, since it is bedtime. Today, the Google app works for more than 1200 smart objects.

Place certain alerts throughout your home

Remember when the bells rang at school in different places at the same time? Well, now you could do something very similar. If you have multiple Google Home devices in your home, you can set them to trigger their alarms at the same time. This way, it won’t matter if you’re in the kitchen, in the living room or in the dining room, you’ll just hear what you have to do. It’s great for when to eat and you don’t want to be calling all family members to come down, for example. One thing to note is that this mode can be activated even when you are away from home, to warn that you are arriving, for example.

Calling your mother depending on your voice

One of the most amazing things Google Home Assistant can do is that you can call anyone depending on the voice you request. For example, if there is a couple in the house and they both have a mother, then the person who says “I want to call my mom” is going to call automatically. You can make calls without having to grab your phone and setting up the right way to recognize the voice of family members.

Exercise reminders

If you don’t have a specific time to exercise but need to remember it daily, then Google Home Assistant can help. You’ll simply have to set what time you want me to remind you to jog or it’s time to turn on your TV to do that tae bo session. In fact, if it’s a smart TV, you can also have it turn on at a certain time, to start streaming.

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Find your lost mobile device

Typical that you suddenly left your mobile lost in some piece of furniture or in a place hidden from home. If you ask Google Home Assistant to search for your lost mobile, it will ring where it is. This also works with iPhone devices and is extremely useful, as well as saving you a lot of time and hassle.

Putting yourself in night mode

Typical that you’re in your room working and when you remember, it’s already six o’clock in the afternoon or seven o’clock at night. That’s when you want to lower the brightness of the lights a little or lower the volume of the music, so as not to disturb others. You can ask Google Home Assistant for this change without getting up. Simply perform night mode settings and request it via a voice command. Similarly, another thing you can do is turn off the TV once the show you’re watching is over. This way, you can save energy in case you fall asleep on the couch.

A bedtime story or a game

If your kids are restless and you’re too busy, then you can set up the assistant to give them a bedtime story or play something. You can also set it to play certain music or play trivia. There are many options and it is ideal for when we are trying to finish a job for the next day, and our children keep wandering around the house without sleep.

Learn some language

One of the options you have through Google Home Assistant is that it can speak in almost any language. This can help in case you have a foreign visitor at home or if you are learning a particular language. Among the languages at your disposal are English, French, Japanese, Italian and German, as well as Indonesian and Swedish or Portuguese. You can also start speaking in the language of your choice and the wizard will automatically change. However, this option is still limited to English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Japanese.

Get the person to accommodate something from the house

This is one of the most useful things you can do with Google Home Assistant. If a pipe broke in your home, or you need to make a particular arrangement, you can get plumbers, scrap car sales, washer fixes or electricians in the nearby area. In addition, these services will not recommend to anyone, but to those who have good reputation within services such as HomeAdvisor, for example. In addition, you can get great prices, because it throws out a wide list of local businesses.

Melina Rhyne