7 Tips for a Balanced Diet

More and more people are realizing that a good diet must be balanced. Apples, bananas and salad – they are all very healthy, but also boring. The goal should not be to eat only fruits, but to make your diet complete and varied. We have looked more closely at the question of what constitutes a healthy diet. In this short article, you will discover seven points to consider in a balanced diet.

1. Versatility

Say goodbye to the idea that certain foods are banned. Consuming a wide variety of foods is a good idea as long as you pay attention to their nutrient and energy content. Your choice should consist of an appropriate amount and combination of nutrient-rich, low-energy foods. If possible, you should not eat too much prepared food or fast food.

2. Grain products

Bread, noodles, potatoes and rice are essential to our diet. And that’s as well, because they are rich in vitamins, fiber and minerals. If they are made of whole grains, it is even better. It is best to combine these foods with low-fat ingredients.

3. Vegetables and fruits

You’ve probably heard that many nutrition centers recommend eating 3 servings of vegetables and 2 servings of fruit a day. What exactly you eat is left to your preference. A portion can also be a glass of freshly squeezed juice. A good rule of day is to eat a serving of fruits or vegetables at each meal. Thus, you have the food of the five servings easily integrated into your daily routine.

4. Meat

Fish contains many valuable nutrients and is therefore perfect in terms of meat. If you always prefer another type of meat, we recommend lean pieces of poultry, pork, veal or beef.

5. Less fat

Stick to vegetable oils and fats. Keep in mind that fat is often included in many other products. A total of 60-80 grams of fat per day is enough.

6. Movement

Good food is often not enough. It is necessary that you move regularly. The recommendation is 30 to 60 minutes of sports per day. Use the stairs instead of the elevator, walk short distances or ride a bike – all this will help you while protecting the environment.

7. Lots of water

And especially water. Drinking 1.5-2 liters of water per day will cover your body needs. Very sweetened drinks promote weight gain in the long term and are to be avoided. Alcohol should not be consumed excessively.

Melina Rhyne