Armed PC or Preconfigured PC: Which is Better?

PC Gaming armed? PC armed for video editing? Or preconfigured PC? The choice is a matter of personal needs and preferences

When it comes to buying a custom or pre-configured computer, there is really no one right answer. Many people buy pre-built computers from the largest manufacturers in the industry. But others prefer to customize a PC case with their favorite hardware. Or, failing that, go to experts like Spartan Geek, who can build a PC with the components of your choice in the most professional way possible. So which one is better? We present the advantages and disadvantages of each of them.

What are the advantages of an armed PC?

The main advantage of building a PC or ordering a custom PC is the ability to choose the components of the system. This allows you to really tailor the build to fit your budget and performance requirements based on your needs.

Assembled computers are also upgradeable. This means they can last longer, as you can change essential components like the video card, RAM, or even the processor when something better hits the market.

What are the disadvantages of an armed PC?

If done the right way, there are really no downsides to a custom PC. If you do not have experience in assembling computers, it is definitely not the best option to build one from scratch. But you can go to experts like Spartan Geek, where you can order a custom PC with the hardware components of your choice.

What are the advantages of a preconfigured PC?

Preconfigured computers have the advantage of having a brand behind them that ensures in some cases decades of work in this area. If you want to build a PC and you have no experience, this is a better option since they also offer guarantees. But there are also teams of experts like Spartan Geek, where we build custom computers with a warranty against factory defects.

Another advantage of this type of PC is that sometimes it is the only way to be able to use hardware components that are out of stock or something like that. Also, many of them have an enviable design. You just have to think of a desktop computer like the Alienware Aurora R11 or the Corsair One.

What are the downsides of a preconfigured PC?

A pre-built computer doesn’t offer many options when it comes to hardware. So you will always find changes that you could make to better fit your needs or your budget. And this is where the second disadvantage comes in: they are more expensive than a built-in desktop computer.

Another aspect to consider is that many preconfigured computers are not upgradeable. Especially cheap PCs, as they come with past-generation AMD or Intel Core processors that don’t allow for system upgrades.

Melina Rhyne