The best Android accessories for gamers

If you’re passionate about Android games, you’re probably thinking about how to improve the experience through different accessories. You may want your phone’s battery to last longer, audio to be better appreciated, your phone to have more storage space, or to feel more realistic when you’re playing racing. For all this and more, we recommend some of the best Android accessories for gamers.

These Android accessories will level up your gaming experience

GameSir F2 Grip

If you’re a person who plays passionately on Android for hours, you’ll notice that your phone isn’t probably designed to be held for so long. Therefore, on Amazon you can find this control, which allows you to place your mobile device safely and control it without damaging it with the sweat of your hands. Also prevent cramps or experience tiredness in your hands during the session. It is ideal for almost any type of game and very nice for car racing.

TaoTronics Bluetooth headphones

These hearing aids allow you to access quality sound while you’re enjoying any video game on your mobile device. They are one of the best Android accessories for gamers and it won’t matter if you’re on a crowded bus or in a noisy area, because they have an insulating system that will allow you to focus to the fullest on your video game. They have a 30-hour battery and a fairly affordable price.

8Bitdo SN30 Pro

If you want to have a retro experience with your mobile device, then this is one of the best Android accessories for gamers that you can purchase. You can find it through Amazon, Best Buy or Walmart at an incredible price and it will allow you to feel like in the 90s when you had such controls on the Super Nintendo. It has two levers and an excellent design, with elegant colors. Without a doubt, the gamer experience from your mobile device will be different with this element.

Ventev Powercell 6010+

Nothing worse than enjoying your favorite game and running out of battery all of a sudden. This won’t happen again, if you purchase this portable charger, it allows you to go anywhere to enjoy the titles you have without the battery draining. You can also buy it for a fairly economical price. It has a USB cable and is quite practical to use.

Aukey PD Power Bank

Another battery that will work for you in your gaming sessions is That of Aukey. It’s the size of a mobile device and you’ll be able to do long gaming sessions from anywhere. It has a USB-C Power Delivery that will allow you to charge your device very quickly. It has 10000 mAh of power and you can find it for only $30 on Amazon.

8BitDo SN30 Pro for Project xCloud

This is a special control for Game Pass titles and you can purchase it from September through Amazon or the Microsoft page. It comes with a clip that allows you to easily adapt to your phone and with high-quality buttons, as well as the Xbox home button. It’s one of the best Android accessories for gamers that will take your game to another level and make you enjoy your favorite titles for hours.

The best games for your Android phone

Stadia Controller, for Android and PC

If you have games on both your Android device and your PC, then this is one of the best accessories you can find. It is an elegant white control, offering great comfort and grip. You can easily use it with Bluetooth and it will adapt to almost any element through its one-touch button. It works for non-Stadia platforms, and costs $69 on the Google Store. It is recommended to purchase a stand for the device together with this control, to enjoy it more.

Razer Kishi

Another of the best Android accessories for gamers, consisting of a control where almost any mobile device fits. It is ideal for gamers who spend their time traveling because you can collapse it at any time to store it in little space. It’s very positive, because it allows a permanent load while you’re playing and is more practical than the other existing controls. You can find it at a convenient price on Amazon or At Best Buy.

The best games for Android Wear Games


This is a game that will allow you to have fun during long waiting periods. If you are waiting for the bus, doing some paperwork, etc., you can have fun on the screen of your wearable by attacking pieces of paper of various colors. It’s not a title you’re going to spend too much time with, but it’s very nice to have fun in times of boredom. In addition, the pieces of paper are tender and give a “retro” feel.

Solitaire Wear

In previous decades, when you were bored, you probably played Solitaire on your PC (or maybe you still do). However, nowadays you can bring this interesting card game to your Android wearable. You can have the options to make your star moves, select cards easily and make as many games as you want on your wrist. It’s an excellent choice for when you’re waiting for someone or for solitaire lovers.

Bubble Shooter’s

This is a perfect game for your wearable, which will allow you to have various colored bubbles and explode them as you pass different levels. You can get various bonuses and play for hours. Unlike other titles for your Android Wearable, it does cause addiction, so you can spend many hours being mesmerized by the thousands of colored bubbles that will appear on the screen.

Turtle Quest

This is a game developed by Teensy Studios, which allows you to move a turtle through a colorful world. It’s a fairly simple but very nice game that you can handle by holding your finger on the screen and making the turtle swim through vibrant worlds of color.

Melina Rhyne