The best games for your Android phone

Maybe you’re a PC game lover or have a specific console. However, if you love to play and only have your mobile phone, you can still enjoy amazing graphics and stories. Below we point out the best games for your Android phone this year 2020. You can find them for adventures, car racing, war and also arcade mode. Some are free and others, a little more complex, bring internal purchases or special prices.


AnimA is one of the best games for your Android phone and its download is free, although it contains micro transactions. It is a game quite similar to Diablo II, which has the same isometric angle in its camera as well as the fanciful graphics. It also looks like another game, called Path of Exile and is listed not only as a good game in general, but the most prominent in the ARPG category.

Death Road To Canada

In this case you will have to be present in a zombie apocalypse and lead other characters to complete a certain mission to keep Canada safe. You’ll be able to explore many places for useful items and supplies, and you’ll need to keep an eye on your team’s health. It’s a game that costs $10, but it’s worth it. You’ll be able to set different characters and strengthen them to stay healthy. The controls might seem a little complicated at first, but later they will be a breeze. In addition, the game offers ten different ways to enjoy it, which you can unlock.


This is one of the best games for your Android phone and also one of the most popular today. Its installation is free and allows you to enjoy attractive graphics. It’s easy to play but has its tricks, which makes it special. Within the game you can find micro transactions and you can also access your personalized account to save your progress. It is one of the best shooters today.

Tesla vs Lovecraft

It is developed by Finnish and features excellent graphics and illustrations. In this case you will be the well-known inventor Nikola Tesla, and you will have at your disposal a series of inventions to be able to fight night monsters as well as incredible creatures. This game has a series of controls to move and shoot and will increase the difficulty as you defeat enemies.

Monument Valley

In this case, there are two versions of this excellent game: 1 and 2. It is a game that does not go out of style and has an attractive minimalist design. Its story is also appealing, due to the number of surreal elements it contains. You’ll be able to guide a princess to complete different levels and you’ll go through various types of world. It is an excellent game for puzzle lovers and will allow you to have fun for many hours only for 4$. In Monument Valley 2, you can help a mother and daughter face different challenges and you’ll need to think creatively to overcome them.


A game with futuristic and psychedelic graphics that will take you to maximum fun. You’ll have stunning colors and a very nice electronic music soundtrack. Each level will change the music, which is very exciting. This game was first for the Nintendo Switch console and stands out for its controls and its color. It’ll cost you as little as $5.49. It’s 31 phases so you can move forward and discover more electronic tracks. One of the best games for your Android phone, especially if you are a puzzle lover.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

This is a Konami classic that came out many years ago for the first time and has always been a great success among gamers. It will be the best $3 you’ll invest in such a game during 2020, because you’ll be able to access easy-to-use controls as well as quality graphics. You will be Alucard, Dracula’s son, who will be looking for the lost Richter. You’ll have to go through mysterious castles and imminent dangers, learn new skills and unlock new shortcuts. Another Nintendo classic that couldn’t stop being on Android.


This is a game that will take you through the trauma of a young woman. The story is quite emotional and you will be able to enjoy excellent graphics as well as a very nice soundtrack. Best of all, you can put together the story of the game according to your point of view and what you perceive from the animations. You will be able to solve different puzzles and it is a game for lovers of art and music. It should be noted that there are no combats or death in this game. It costs $5.

Legends of Runeterra

Another of the best games for your Android phone, which will allow you to enjoy a wide universe, similar to that of League of Legends. You’ll have to assemble the cards you have to achieve a good offensive or defensive, take down obstacles, attack and defeat your enemy. It’s a familiar touch game and brings a half-hour tutorial so you can use it to the fullest.


This is a game that combines strategy with adventure. It is ideal for spending hours and hours of entertainment. You’ll be able to take over a small realm and start pulling it forward through obtaining resources. You’ll be able to discover new heroes, and even change the weather. It’s an ideal game for when you want time to pass quickly, it’s also a lot of fun and you can battle monsters, explore diverse reigns and build. Best of all, it costs only $2.

Riptide GP: Renegade

If you are a lover of exciting racing, then this is the best game you can have. In this case you will be in the “underworld” of hydrojet racing and you will have to earn them so that everyone respects you. It’s a game with excellent graphics, and you can learn different maneuvers as you generate money. It only costs $3 and you also have the option to compete with other players online.

Melina Rhyne