Cheap wearables to start 2021 in shape

With these gadgets, you have no excuses not to get in shape

Finally, we leave behind 2020, which we hope has been the worst year of our lives, just because that would mean that at least 2021 and those that follow will be much better. An unfortunate year in which, also, the confinement and reduction of outdoor activity have led many to gain a few pounds. Well, it is a new year, and without a doubt the time to begin our new resolutions with the help of technology. That is why we propose to get in shape with some wearables and devices that can be connected to the mobile to improve our physical form.

A bracelet to follow our activity

Bracelets have become essential devices in our day to day since in many cases we have become accustomed to being able to access our activity data in real-time from our mobile. But if this is not your case, it is best to start with an economic model. And without a doubt, one of the cheapest you can buy is the Xiaomi Mi Band 4C, which allows us to access most of the functions that we expect from one of these bracelets at the minimum cost. With it, we can measure the pulse, calculate calories consumed, sleep monitoring, and it is even waterproof and has a color screen.

Honor Band 5 is another bracelet that we can buy to have all the information we need at hand, never better. It offers many features similar to those of the Xiaomi Mi Band and therefore is a perfect example to help us get in shape for little money. It offers us water resistance, a heart rate sensor, a color screen, and the recognition of various sports. The Amazfit Bip is another of the best wearables that we can use with our phone to carry out our exercises to the letter. Since in addition to a good price, this smartwatch is capable of offering all the functions of the bracelets that we have seen and adds GPS connectivity.

This allows us to use the watch independently of the phone, collecting data on our route and activity even without the terminal connected, subsequently transferring all this data to the phone. Although the price is higher than that of the bracelets, it is well worth it, because it also offers us a range of one month with a single charge, which is something spectacular. Another interesting gadget is a chest heart rate monitor. This adheres to the chest with an elastic strap and connects to our mobile through ANT + connectivity, which is a variant of the Bluetooth h. This type of device is a perfect complement to our physical activity, since we can connect it to fitness machines, for example, the gym we go to, electric bicycles, indoor, and many more machines to do sports.


Melina Rhyne