What’s new for gamers: a dual-screen laptop

HP continues to update itself to cover the gamer market and has now surprised with a dual-screen laptop for video games. The model of this new lap is Omen X 2S and it is designed for multitasking gamers.

The announcement of this new computer was made during the HP Gaming Festival. An event that the brand organizes to give news of its next products.

Among all these novelties, the Omen X 2S model laptop was announced. A complete revolution for gaming culture in the same device designed for multitasking.

This computer is essentially designed and inspired for several reasons. Among these are the streams of some players where they read messages on their cell phones. Some others play music, surf the internet, or watch other things while playing games.

Thus simplifying these tasks that were carried out with two electronics in the same device. However, the two screens are nothing new, some people already connect two monitors. So they can carry out activities as proposed by this lap, although not mobile and in a design designed to save space.

This is thanks to the fact that the secondary screen is located in front of the keyboard and below the main monitor. In this way, there is the ease of maneuvering when interacting with secondary activities.

Within the technical specifications, the main screen measures 15.6 inches, and the small one 5.98. It has an 8-core Intel Core i9 9880H processor, 2 TB of memory, and up to 64 GB of RAM. These simple features demonstrate the power designed precisely for the needs of a gamer.

This laptop will be on sale from June this year in all HP stores. And its final cost is $ 2,100.


The new PS5 will feature custom hardware and 3D sound support

PlayStation 5 is a reality, as Sony recently announced the first details of its next console.

Through an interview, systems architect Mark Cerny revealed that the new features will outperform the competition.

The new machine will feature an eight-core CPU based on AMD’s 3rd generation Ryzen processors. In addition to a graphics processor from the AMD Navi family, which will be able to trace rays in real-time.

Therefore this will simulate the path of light through a scene, allowing for incredibly realistic and complex reflections.

It should be noted that its launch will not be this year, that is, it will last until 2020. Therefore, the name remains a question mark. Since it is unknown that he can continue with the pseudonym “PS5”.

According to Cerny, the next generation of the PlayStation will be configured to include a solid-state drive. This means that the hard disk drive that is generally found in most video games will be replaced.

Gamesphere are you? – PlayStation 5

The new PlayStation will continue to have physical discs and players will be able to play previous console titles. On the other hand, the most anticipated feature will be that the new unit will allow faster downloads and processing.

The PS5 will have the custom AMD sound chip to generate 3D audio and will be compatible with virtual reality. This will be done through PlayStation VR headsets, which will possibly have an upgrade.

E3 was recently held, which is the most attractive entertainment event in video games. During this event, Sony did not attend, as it has in mind to present its own event this year.

To finish Sony has an ace up its sleeve, which is to include the V-sync patent is the PlayStation 5. The V-sync is a system that eliminates differences between the frame rate of the game and the TV.

If this last system is integrated into the PS5 it would be an excellent step for the new generations of consoles. There is no doubt that with these patents the Japanese company seeks to please the most demanding gamers.

Melina Rhyne