Five steps to get free V-Bucks

Five steps to get free V-Bucks

Step #1, go to then you need to enter your Fortnite/Epic Games username. This is the username that appears when you’re playing Fortnite in the top left corner.

Step #2, Select the platform where you play Fortnite (PS4, PC, Xbox, iOS, Android or Switch).

Step #3, you must choose the number of free V-Bucks you want to generate. You can choose from the 4 available packs offered by the game: 1,000 turkeys (9.99 euros), 2,000 turkeys (19.99 euros), 6,000 turkeys (59.99 euros) and 10,000 turkeys (99.99 euros).

Step #4, Once you have filled in these three fields, you need to click the yellow button that says GENERATE V-Bucks. This will start the V-Bucks generation process through the website. The tool will connect to fortnite’s official server using API, search for the username entered in the database, verify that the username is correct, and generate the free turkeys you’ve selected. At the end of the Fortnite Hack process, the tool will show you a summary of the generated turkeys, associated with your user and your gaming platform.

Step #5, to complete the process of obtaining free V-Bucks you need to make a final step. Click the VERIFY FORTNITE USER button and complete the registration on the next page (Game Server). To avoid mass use of the tool (especially by automated robots) and protect users’ accounts, It asks you to verify your identity.

To do this, you must create an account on the game server that it uses to generate valid codes for Fortnite. In registration, you’ll need to create a user (email and password) and verify your account with a debit or credit card (no registration fees). At the end of the verification process, V-Bucks will automatically appear in your account.