How To Fix Roblox banned

All games have a usage policy that you must comply with and then not regret it. Always follow the rules and have good behavior. If got Roblox banned you, you have no choice but to cross your fingers so that the methods we’ll show you work.

But before you go there, how about you know why they can ban you? It’s very important that you don’t make the same mistake again.

Reasons why Roblox banned you

If you do some of these actions, Roblox can ban you:

  • harass
  • intimidate
  • humiliate
  • reveal someone’s personal information
  • sexualize someone or something
  • discriminate
  • threaten
  • defame
  • insult
  • pautar love appointments
  • do sexual action
  • encourage others to do one of the above

If you see a player with such behavior, report them, and don’t do the same. It’s ideal to create a healthy community.

When a player receives many reports, Roblox sends them a warning or temporarily blocks it. However, if the problem is very serious, you can block it forever (ban).

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What if Roblox banned you?

If Roblox bans your account, you won’t be able to develop games for the platform and you’ll lose all your Robux and items earned, purchased or otherwise provided.

Having multiple accounts won’t save you at all. If Roblox realizes this fact, he can ban you on all other accounts, even if they haven’t been reported by other players.

How to remove Roblox banned?

To remove Roblox’s ban you have to turn off the router for a few minutes. When Roblox bans your account, it blacklists your IP address. An IP is a sequence of numbers that identifies your network.

In other words, Roblox forever blocks that network (IP) address. If you try to connect through it, what do you think? You won’t be able to.

The logic of this method is that when you turn off the router and leave it off for a few minutes, turning it on assigns another IP. As a result, you will be able to play, as that other IP is not blocked. In case this doesn’t work, don’t get discouraged. There’s another alternative.

Remove Roblox ban with a VPN

Without going into many details, one VPN is a program that hides your IP and replaces it with another. These programs are compatible with almost all operating systems, so you won’t find it difficult to get one.

This method follows the logic of the previous one: change the IP to one that Roblox has not blocked.

We need to make it clear that these tricks may or may not work. For now Roblox makes it easy, because you just have to change the IP. However, in the future the platform may change its locking methods and do this will be useless.

We ask you to avoid negative behavior. Be kind and respectful to others. It’s no fun hanging around bothering the rest of us. Think about your account and all the love you have for him.

We hope that these methods will work for you and that you will not commit the same violations again. Remember, you can lose everything.

If you think the ban was unfair or Roblox made a mistake, contact support via this link.

It would be great if you told us in the comments why you were banned. Cheer up, we want to know why.

Melina Rhyne