This month the 2019 edition of Gamescom is held, the largest interactive consumer fair in Europe. For this edition, more concrete advances in video games are expected, already seen at E3 this year.

On this occasion, this convention will be held for four days, from August 20 to 24 in Koelnmesse, Germany. Where some appearances and advances of the most important video games have already been confirmed.

Despite this, there are still many details to be revealed and the occasional pleasant surprise for the gamer community. However, there are already several aspects that have been released by developers and the same event.

Among these is Capcom who will present a new IP for Resident Evil 8. A new trailer for Elden Ring the game from the writer of Game of Thrones by Bandai. A playable demo of Borderlands 3 by 2k Games and various other activities.

This at least between news that is in the background because there are more bombs. Since speaking of large companies could not miss Microsoft and Sony.

The first will show part of the history of the future game Gears of War 5 that a few weeks ago was released early for some lucky ones. And luckily for the attendees, they will also have part of the game to be able to test it exclusively. Sony is expecting a preview of the second part of the acclaimed game The Last of Us.

Another of the expected advances is from Project Red, which is estimated to present something from Cyberpunk 2077. As well as things from Bayonetta 3 by Nintendo and that did not have a presence at E3 this year.

Without a doubt there are many things for the gamer community and if you cannot attend there will be live streaming. Where without thinking about it, the best news of the convention will be updated.


Stop everything! With the news that portals like those of the series appeared

Attention all Fortnite fans. This news interests them because mysterious portals attributed to the successful series Stranger Things appeared.

Everything indicates that Epic Games and Netflix could be participants in a special collaboration to give greater strength to the premiere of the new season of the series. Unknown worlds have appeared in the various arenas of Fortnite Battle Royale.

According to players who have come across these strange items, Epic Games is rumored to be preparing a new event. These portals appeared in the Mega Mall area. If someone has come to this stage, they will remember that the environments are very similar to those of the series.

Also, let’s remember that the third season will delve more into reverse mythology. In this sense, if in the video game we go through these portals we will enter gloomy, dark, and gloomy worlds. Consequently, we suddenly appear at totally different points on the island.

It seems that Fortnite officially joins the celebration. And, although both Epic Games and Netflix have not released a promise about this collaboration, the evidence seems obvious. Theoretically, we could say that the event could coincide with the premiere of the new chapters.

Another likely hypothesis is whether there will be more surprises in the game. That is if at some point in the game we will fight a battle with the Demogorgon; or if we can have skins of the characters. What else can you think of that could happen?

Finally, we just have to wait for the events that arise throughout the week and until the expected premiere, which will air this July 4 through this streaming platform. A must in our top series.


Melina Rhyne