GoRetro! Portable: The best and cheapest portable Retro console for this Christmas

Do you like classic games? Well, you’re in luck, since the Retro-Bit company has launched the GoRetro! Portable, a device in which you can enjoy more than 260 classic games, including some of the great successes of Capcom and Data East. In our region it is distributed by Koch Media, so you can easily find it in various stores at the competitive price of € 39.99.

First of all, we are going to focus on the features of the console. It has a well-lit 2.8-inch high-definition color screen to be able to play anywhere and without any problem, as well as a 3.5mm headphone jack and volume control via a dial or the possibility of hearing it through its small speaker. There is also an on / off button, along with an AV output that allows you to connect the console to the television, although the cable does not come in the box.

The dimensions of the console are 133mm high, 75mm wide, and 25mm deep, which are perfectly adjusted to the average size of the hands, both adults and youngsters, with plastic materials that do not give symptoms to be fragile. Also aesthetically it is very striking, with a game of colors that is attractive to the naked eye.

On the other hand, in terms of controls, it includes a crosshead, four buttons to play, the classic Start and Select, and a button to reset the device and thus be able to choose another game, being really comfortable and remembering at all times the classic Game Boy. Despite all this, it is very light, running on four AAA batteries or charging with most Micro-USB cables. Of course, a comment that neither the batteries nor the cable with the charger is included in the pack, having to purchase them separately.

In terms of games, it includes a total of more than 260 Capcom and Data East titles divided into two categories: Featured Games and Extra Games. The Featured Games are the most outstanding games of the device, finding a total of 39 among which are included great successes such as the first three Mega Man, Strider, Burger Time, London, Gun Smoke, Ghost´n´Goblins, Commando or Tetris among much others. On the other hand, there are the Extra Games, a series of 225 that, without being as complex and fun as the rest of the titles, know how to entertain with quick games. They also cover several different genres so that anyone can enjoy them regardless of their tastes.

The interface is very simple and comfortable, having only two tabs to choose between the categories and then the games arranged alphabetically. We have missed some type of control configuration menu, but in general, it is not something that bothers us too much. At least the tricks that could be performed in the menu of some games are still preserved, so we invite you to try them.

retro! Portable is, in short, an ideal portable console to enjoy some of Capcom’s great classics, discover unknown titles from the Data East company or spend long hours playing the legendary Tetris. Not all titles are at the same level, but the selection seems good enough and varied. It is a comfortable, light console with good autonomy that perhaps fails not to include a rechargeable battery or, at least, the first batteries or the micro-USB cable.

If you are looking for a device to give away on these dates, you are facing a good option, with a very affordable price that will introduce new players to classic titles well known to veterans.

Melina Rhyne