Guide Among Us For Beginner

Among Us is living proof that video games don’t need stunning graphics to be addictive.

This game is based on a fairly basic environment and illustrated characters, but that allow us to play in co-op mode a theme that never goes out of style: discover the impostors (or if you are part of them, sabotage the crew).

Haven’t had time to discover this addictive game yet? Read on that we crumble everything in this Among Us guide.

Skins at Among Us

The game has its own identifiable aesthetic, but that doesn’t mean you can’t customize it to give it a touch of its own.

In Among Us you can not only change the color of your character’s costume, but you will also have the opportunity to place the hat that best suits your personality and even incorporate a pet to match.

However, most of these skins, hats and pets are sold in packs.

The game has an official Steam page, where all those additions are made available to players, for a fairly tight price, it is also true.

Each of the available packs has a price of around 2o, which is probably less than what the beers you drink with friends cost you on any afternoon.

Maps on Among Us

Just as this game allows you to change and customize your appearance, you’ll also have the possibility to play on different maps.

The thing is, access to maps will be conditioned on the platform from which we play.

If you’re connected to Among Us from a smartphone, you won’t be able to create games, and therefore the map you play depends on the existing game you’re joining.

On the contrary, if you start the game from PC or Mac, you will have the possibility to configure the game map.

Of course, the game Among Us offers us few maps by default and it is already a matter of players to choose to purchase new maps in the official store or settle for a serial map.

Tasks at Among Us

Each of the Among Us maps has a task group to perform.

Perhaps this part of the game may seem secondary, because the part that really arouses interest and addiction in the players is the fact of discovering the impostors and all those emergency chats that open up to discuss.

However, knowing the tasks to be performed can play a crucial role for either side.

For the crew it will be necessary to carry out the tasks if they want to achieve success in the game, but for impostors to know those tasks can result in playing with advantage.

If you know the tasks the crew needs to perform, you can watch out for them to hunt them down, or even if your strategy is to disguise, you can use those tasks as a cover.

Be that as it may, the tasks serve to know the steps of our adversaries and get ahead of them.

Tricks in Among Us

Among Us is part of those classic games in which the key is to play the despised or count on the rascality to go unnoticed by the rest.

An equally old-fashioned theme as it is addictive, but for which there are also those who are worthwhile and who have a hard time succeeding.

If you don’t have a natural talent for success in Among Us, don’t worry, just follow these tips and tricks to transform yourself into a real impostor or impostor detector:

Suspicion of all: Don’t take anything for granted and don’t be fooled by appearances.

Remember that impostors train their behavior to maintain the appearance of being part of the crew and performing tasks.

Focus your attention on how the rest run or walk: As a rule, the crew will tend to perform the tasks as soon as possible and flee the closeness of the rest of the players.

If by chance you notice that a player is not completely focused on those tasks, swirl a little or accept your closeness to a good extent, everything will indicate that you have found an imposter.

Make them bite the hook: Similarly, when you think you’ve detected an imposter, don’t throw yourself in to give it away.

Let him take the bait to follow you to perform a task or just reel him until he sees how his behavior unfolds.

This will not only help you secure the shot, but it can also help you detect one of your accomplices or other player on the impostor team.

How to play with multiple platforms?

One of the features that is most helping the popularity of Among Us, is the possibility to opt for crossplay, in other words, access from several platforms to the same game.

Setting up this game will require one of the player group to have the role of game manager and create it on their respective platform.

To do this you will have to select from the menu the type of online game and mark the game as Private.

By following these steps, the administrator will have a custom code to join the game.

So simply share that code with the rest of the players and have them, each from their device and platform, move on to selecting the same online mode game with the option to join an existing game.

The game will require the code and, once entered, you can all start the game together.

Is there crossplay with all platforms?

Crossplay is available for the most popular platforms.

Among Us is available for PC, Mac, iOS and Android environments (although it is worth knowing that computer versions are paid).

This means that any player on any of those platforms will be able to enjoy crossplay.

Considering that the vast majority of users have access to at least one of those platforms, because yes, it could be concluded that crossplay is accessible to all players.

Melina Rhyne