New Xbox browser lets you play Steam titles through GeForce Now

As that famous phrase by Ron Burgundy in the movie Anchorman says: That escalated quickly . The truth is that in a few days since the announcement of the new version of the Edge browser for Xbox consoles, both Xbox One and Xbox Series, since they share design and dashboard, users are finding multiple applications, such as the possibility of playing Google Stadia or today’s case: Play Steam games through the GeForce Now website, Nvidia’s streaming game application.

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It is somewhat paradoxical that, for example, we can play the titles we have on Steam through GeForce Now and that titles like Death Stranding can be played with the Xbox controller on an Xbox. And it is that this new version of the Edge browser, which supports Chromium, is designed not for this need, but to house that possible version of Xbox Game Pass for PC and also be able to play the games that are missing on the console.

GeForce Now, another app to consider

In case you don’t know, GeForce Now has a free version that uses your Steam-owned games to run them on a PC in the cloud with more capacity, making it possible for us to enjoy Cyberpunk 2077 with Ray Tracing or fluidity, for example. extra in Death Stranding, which has DLSS 2.0 functionalities. Personally, we have not yet been able to prove it, but it has been Joe Chip (via VGC ) who has shared a video testing how he plays Wreckfest with his own controller, apparently without problems:

In short, Xbox consoles continue to gradually obtain functionalities that may be hidden at first glance, but the expert user, as we can see in the video or in other well-known ones like this one in which they affirmed that the new Xbox Series S is a perfect emulation machine , give us an idea of the possibilities.

Melina Rhyne