OnePlus works on an alternative to the Xiaomi Mi Band 5, and we already know everything about it

We have also learned that it will be presented next week

The wristbands to monitor our physical activity are going to be one of the favorite gifts to receive or give during the Three Kings Day for another year. These offer us many functionalities with very low costs, and for that reason, they have become one of the star gadgets not only at Christmas but every time there is an event of great discounts in the style of Black Friday or Prime Day. That is why it is an increasingly nourished segment of different manufacturers, who seek to get a slice of the great cake that it has become.

One of the latest manufacturers that have embraced the charm of smart bracelets is OnePlus, the mobile phone company that until recently only launched one high-end mobile model a year. That is history, and the brand has fully entered to compete against other Chinese manufacturers, also in wearables, with its first smart bracelet, of which we now know practically everything.

Official confirmation, and a big leak

Because OnePlus has announced on its Facebook account the next arrival of a smart bracelet, although with few details. enlightening what one of these bracelets logically looks like. But on the other hand, everything about it has been leaked, and also by a fairly reliable source, such as by one of the members of XDA. In this leak through a tweet, we have been able to know that the bracelet will be presented next January 11 in India.

In addition to this filing date, its main technical characteristics are also detailed. According to this information, it would have a heart rate sensor, which details the pulse 24 hours a day. As well as one of the most demanded functions in these bracelets, such as the blood oxygen saturation monitor. You can also track sleep. It also has a 1.1-inch screen and AMOLED technology, which we do not know if it will be full color or monochrome, as we have seen in some models, such as the Samsung Galaxy Fit.

The bracelet will be able to track up to 13 different physical exercises. And it will be completely waterproof, thanks to the IP68 certification, so it can be used while swimming without fear of damage. This leak has also revealed what its price would be, and from what we have known, everything indicates that it will be a direct alternative to the Xiaomi Mi Band 5, with a cost of around 27 euros to change. A price that could perfectly be transformed into 29 or 35 euros that the Xiaomi bracelet usually costs in Spain. Therefore we are going to have a new and important player in this market, which is already saturated. So from OnePlus, they will have to surprise with some differential aspect if they want to really stand out in this market.

Melina Rhyne