Pet Master Free Spins & Coins – Daily Links

Pet Master’s large number of free spins and coins handed out by the game’s developers are certainly generous and potentially even unnecessary. But at least the abundance of free rewards delivered ensures that the massive social game gets its players coming back for (and getting) more. That’s how it’s still so popular. After all, there is no game without its players. 

By checking several times, a day, you can make the most of Pet Master. You’ll get gold for your village, spins to assault other players’ treats, and sometimes even trigger limited-time events that can make you even more money in the game. It’s literally worth being bad at this game. 

If you want to organize your day with more freebies, our Coin Master free spin links can double the fun. It’s basically the same game. And if you’re trying to entertain kids at the same time, our pages on the latest YouTube simulator codes, Slayers Unleashed codes, and Demon fall codes can also give young people plenty of in-game freebies. 

Latest Pet Master Daily Free Spins Links 

Active and running Pet Master free spin links expire approximately three days after they become available. 

Codes for the last three days will be listed as Active below. Codes published four days ago will appear in the Expired section, but may still be active. It’s worth a try just to be sure. 

Active Pet Master Free Spins Links

October 2225 spins
October 2125 spinscoins
October 2010 million coins25 spins
October 1925 spins25 spins
October 1825 spins25 spins
October 1725 spins25 spins
October 1625 spins25 spins
October 15coins25 spins
October 1425 spins25 spins
October 13coins25 spins
October 1225 spins50 spins
October 1125 spins25 spins
October 1025 spins25 spins
October 925 spins25 spins
October 825 spins25 spins
October 725 spins25 spins
October 625 spins25 spins
October 525 spins25 spins
October 425 spins25 spins
October 325 spins25 spins
October 225 spins25 spins
October 125 spins25 spins
September 3025 spins25 spins
September 2925 spins25 spins
September 2825 spins25 spins
September 2725 spins25 spins
September 26coins25 spins
September 2525 spins25 spins
September 2425 spins25 spins
September 232 million coins & 10 spins25 spins
September 2225 spins25 spins
September 2125 spins25 spins
September 2025 spins25 spins
September 1925 spins25 spins
September 1825 spins25 spins
September 1725 spins25 spins
September 1625 spins25 spins
September 1525 spins25 spins
September 1425 spins25 spins
September 1325 spins25 spins
September 1225 spins25 spins
September 1125 spins25 spins
September 1025 spins25 spins
September 92 million coins & 10 spins25 spins
September 810 million coins25 spins
September 725 spins25 spins
September 62 million coins & 10 spins25 spins
September 52 million coins & 10 spins25 spins
September 425 spins25 spins
September 325 spins25 spins
September 22 million coins & 10 spins25 spins
September 110 million coins25 spins

How do I redeem Pet Master free spins links? 

Because of the way Pet Master free spins work, it can be difficult to make them work. 

If you haven’t done the necessary steps, most of the links will take you to another page entirely. That’s not how this works. What they must do is start Pet Master, where you will be greeted with a message informing you that you got the rewards promised by the link. 

Pet Master Free Spins

For this to happen, you need to make sure that you click on the links above on the device on which Pet Master is installed. You cannot redeem them on a laptop or computer. Clicking on them on the wrong device will not automatically start the game on the right one. 

As long as your phone or tablet’s browser has permission to open apps from a link, clicking on a Pet Master free spins link should launch the game and let you know that the redemption was successful. 

Why did I receive fewer coins than promised by a Pet Master free spins link? 

The actual exact number of coins you get from a Pet Master free spins link is probably based on the progress you’ve made with your account. 

The old saying “if it’s too good to be true, it probably is” comes into effect here. If a reward seems much higher than what you can easily get while playing, you’re probably not advanced enough in the game to get that reward amount. 

Having 25,000,000 coins at the beginning of the game can help you get through many levels in a matter of seconds. It wouldn’t make sense for Pet Master to give them away for nothing. It would undermine the idea of the game. 

Therefore, to maintain balance, the rewards for each Pet Master free spins link will vary slightly depending on your progress. Consider the indicated reward as a maximum potential payout. 

How do I get more Pet Master free spins? 

There are many ways to get Pet Master free spins without opening your wallet or waiting for new codes to appear. 

Free Spins Gifts 

While you won’t get as many spins as the previous method, you can get one free spin per friend each day up to a maximum of 100 spins per day. If you’re popular enough to have so many friends playing every day, you can ask them to give you a free spin and vice versa. 

Since spins are the only thing, anyone really wants on Pet Master, you can join message boards and chat channels to add a group of like-minded people to your friends list for this very purpose. 

Pet Master Free Spins

Invite friends 

Pet Master strives to have more and more people download and play the game. Therefore, you can get great rewards for participating in the recruitment campaign. By tapping on the ‘Invite Friends’ button in the game, you can send a unique link to your friends via text messages or apps like Facebook and WhatsApp. 

If they click on that link and download and play the game, you will get 500,000 coins and 50 pet master free spins. By inviting someone through Facebook, you’ll earn another 30. 


Although you’re probably here to avoid doing that, waiting really is one of the best ways to get more Pet Master free spins without spending any money. 

The turns regenerate at a rate of about five per hour. After using them, you will recover them in just ten hours. The money you save can get you a good coffee or a sandwich. 

Control your Pet Master by rotating around your bedtime and you should be able to use 50 free spins in the morning, at night, then and a few more before bedtime at night.