Pet Master Ultimate Guide 2021

What is Pet Master? 

Pet Master was the new slot game from Moon Active and the successor to Coin Master. Pet Master also offers daily Pet Master free spin links that you can find on Border Polar. 

The recipe of Pet Master is practically the same as in Coin Master. Most of the game mechanics are identical and the main differences are the different symbols in the slot machine and a couple of new features. Pet Master, of course, revolves around spinning the slot machine and getting coins, spins, dice, and card chests. 

Again, he uses the Pet Master coins he gets to build and upgrade his village buildings and pet citizens until all four reach a 5-star rating, allowing him to level up and move on to the next village where he repeats the same process. 

So, in this guide, you’ll find tips from Pet Master to optimize your village building experience. 

Pet Master is a simple and casual game, but there are still a few things to keep in mind. 

The basics of Pet Master 

Your main actions and objectives in Pet Master are very simple: 

  1. Earn coins from the features of the slot machine 
  2. Attack the villages of enemy players 
  3. Assault on enemy players’ villages 
  4. Roll the dice on the board. 

The first three actions are only activated by using the slot machine. The second and third form the social aspect of the game, as you can play with your Facebook friends and steal their coins. 

This competitive side of Pet Master makes players spend a lot of time on the slot machine and attack other players to get faster to the next village and improve their ranking in their social circle. 

The fourth action is a new addition. Initially, you can roll the dice by getting three dice chips in the middle row of the slot machine, but at level 4 you unlock the board on which you can roll the dice anytime you want. 

The 3-reel slot machine 

Spins are the core of this game, as they are practically your “energy”. Pet Master, like Coin Master, generates 5 free spins per hour, up to 50 accounts. 

You may have more than 50 spins available, but that means your spin pool won’t be replenished, so be sure to leave the game with a low number of spins if you plan to be AFK for a long time. 

Spending spins on the slot machine is your main action on Pet Master and you will spend most of your time on the slot machine screen. 

You can spin the slot machine using your spins and you can even make super spins by spending more spins (3x, 5x, 10x, up to 80x). 

Slot machine slots contain the following symbols: 

  • A bag of coins 
  • A rocket 
  • Three rockets 
  • A raccoon bandit 
  • A shield 
  • An energy potion 
  • A currency 

Coin Exchange Coins: You earn coins even if the reel contains only one bag of coins. 

Coins: You get fewer coins than the coin bag. I’m not sure if you need to hit the three reels to get a reward. 

Random Rocket Attack or a town friend of FB to steal coins. It requires you to hit 3x Rocket in the middle row of the slot machine. 

Raccoon Bandit: Raid Current Pet Master (you can see the current one at the top of the slot machine). It requires you to get 3 Raccoon Bandit symbols in the middle row. 

Shield: Defend your village (lose fewer coins during an attack). It requires you to get three shields in the middle row of the slot machine, and you acquire three shields (if you spent a spin). 

Energy Potion: Rewards 10 Free Spins 

Bag of Coins 

This symbol rewards you with coins. You don’t have to get three in a row to receive a reward; you get more coins if you get 2 or 3 bags on the slot machine in the middle row. 

Rocket – Attack 

If you get a full center row of rockets, you’ll attack another player’s base by launching a missile at one of their buildings or pets. 

Attacking an enemy successfully lowers the building’s or pet’s star rating, so it’s a great way to slow down your friends’ progress to the next village. 

The Rockets – Mega Attack 

If you get a full center row of symbols from three rockets, you’ll perform a mega-attack on a random player’s village, allowing you to launch three missiles at them instead of one. 

In this way, you can really slow down other players, and if they don’t have 3 or more shields, you may have the possibility to circumvent their defenses. 

The Raccoon Bandit – Raid 

If you get three raccoon bandits (the game’s mascot) in the middle row, you’ll perform a Raid attack on the current Pet Master. With raids, you have no choice but to attack. 

When a raid begins, you are taken to the village of Pet Master’s current target (look at the top of the slot machine). 

You will find three safes in the village you are attacking and you will have the opportunity to open only one of them. It can be empty, contain coins, a wooden chest or even turns. 

Only one of the safes contains treasures, but the safes remain open, so if you assault someone three times. Eventually, you will get the treasure. 

Shield – Defense 

The shield is used to protect your base from normal enemy attacks (though not raids). 

You can have up to three Shiel 

ds initially, protecting you from three attacks or a mega-attack. 

As you progress to higher levels, you will be able to carry even more shields. The current maximum number of shields in Pet Master is five, I think (just like Coin Master), but I’m not sure when you reach that limit yet. 

If you have a shield when an enemy attack one of your buildings, you’ll lose a shield instead of coins and your building’s star rating will remain intact. 

The same rules apply when you attack a player with a shield so you can’t damage their buildings. 


Betting allows you to use more than one spin on a spin, multiplying the rewards of the action that will execute the spin. 

This is important because betting does not multiply the action itself. 

For example, if you bet x10 and get a Mega Attack, unfortunately you won’t fire 30 missiles at the opponent. You still shoot only three, but the number of coins you make is multiplied by 10. 

The same applies to raids. A good strategy might be to start betting after you’ve opened at least one empty safe during one raid so that you have a 50-50 chance of stealing treasure in the next. Obviously, if there is only one safe left, it is a great idea to try to bet a lot of spins if the opponent Pet Master has a lot of coins (check the raid strategy below). 


pet master free guide

The revenge mechanic allows you to retaliate and counterattack a player who has successfully attacked your village. 

If you get a full row of missiles on the slot machine, the game will take you to the attack screen and move on to a random village. 

While it is there and before attacking, there is a “Revenge” option at the top of the screen. 

Select this and the game will display a list of all the players who attacked you recently. 

Choose one and the game will take you to that player’s village to return the favor. 

Chests and Card Management 

As already mentioned, players can purchase chests in the in-game store to get coins. Chests include cards with a quality level of up to 5 stars, but the more expensive, the higher the drop rate of high-quality cards. 

High-level chests are also less likely to drop low-level cards than low-level chests, so if you’re looking for a particular 1-, 2-, or 3-star card to complete a collection of cards, you’ll want to spend coins on lower-level chests. 

You can also receive additional Pet Snacks, Pet XP, or additional chest spins beyond the cards you get. 

Pet Master Village Upgrade Costs

Below, you’ll find how many coins you have to spend to upgrade all the buildings on one village level to unlock the following: 

VillageVillage NameVillage Upgrade Cost
1Camping Moose1.2 Million
2Pig Farmers2.6 Million
3Chimp revolution4.2 Million
4Mountain Goat Climbers16.4 Million
5Mouseketeers20.5 Million
6Hippo Beach21.6 Million
7Walrus Pirates25.7 Million
8Cleocatra32.1 Million
9Beaver Bob38.7 Million
10Poodle Cuts43.4 Million
11Frog Samurai44.7 Million
12Top Dog46.6 Million
13Caesar Penguins51.2 Million
14Turtles Athletics53.2 Million
15Skunk Punk58.3 Million
16Saiga Sci Fi60.9 Million
17Armadillo Aztec Shaman64.6 Million
18The Raccoon Job69.3 Million
19Fenech Planes73.7 Million
20Mole Library76.5 Million
21Kangaroo Car Mechanic81.7 Million
22Hystrix Tattoo Artist87.3 Million
23Nomad Camels94.6 Million
24Hyena Comedy Club101.0 Million
25Chameleon Painter107.2 Million
26Bats Night Club112.5 Million
27Game of Horns118.9 Million
28Elephant China128.1 Million
29Hogfather137.8 Million
30Croc Auto147.5 Million
31Wolf Detective160.8 Million
32Capybara Psychiatrist172.4 Million
33Gorilla Greenhouse183.2 Million
34Lizard Route 66192.2 Million
35Voodoo Possum200.8 Million
36Sci Fi Anteater210.7 Million
37Iguana Tanning Salon224.1 Million
38Mystic Owl237.4 Million
39Tapir Fallout253.1 Million
40Panther Boxer269.2 Million
41Bear in the Hood282.6 Million
42Meerkat Ufologist298.8 Million
43Bull Country320.9 Million
44Koala Bikers339.6 Million
45Otter School356.3 Million
46Fox Dual378.6 Million
47Komodo Karate405.1 Million
48Navy Seals428.4 Million
49Buffalo Tribe459.1 Million
50Polar Bear Santa493.7 Million
51Space Sheep522.8 Million
52Rabbit Hole548.8 Million
53Sloth Pizzeria580.6 Million
54Tennis Platypus616.2 Million
55Ponycult654.5 Million
56Gopher Archaeologist692.9 Million
57Dodo Research734.3 Million
58Donkey Market777.8 Million
59Blacksmith Pangolin817.7 Million
60sabertooth Caveman866.7 Million
61Monkey Spa921.0 Million
62Loris Clock Maker1.04 Billion
63Hamster Minigolf1.07 Billion
64Panda Gym1.12 Billion
65Dalai Lama1.19 Billion
66Zebra Fashion1.25 Billion
67Squirrel Scout1.31 Billion
68Gecko Alchemist1.37 Billion
69Tamarin Bankers1.45 Billion
70Octopus Chef1.52 Billion
71Gold Diggers1.58 Billion
72Duckbill Rockability1.67 Billion
73Elk Druid1.69 Billion
74Weasel Pawn Shop1.77 Billion
75Scottish Strong Bull1.89 Billion
76Toad Opera1.97 Billion
77Flamingo Beach Bar2.07 Billion
78Dalmation Mimes2.17 Billion
79Gangsta Rats2.31 Billion
80Firehorse Department2.41 Billion
81Turkey Thanksgiving2.56 Billion
82Skydiver Squirrels2.67 Billion
83Fat Cat Ninja2.73 Billion
84Hedgehog Gardener2.9 Billion
85Ostrich Tribe3.11 Billion
86Tiger Scroll3.28 Billion
87Viking Boars3.5 Billion
88Dr Chickenstein3.7 Billion
89Painter Rabbit3.99 Billion
90Lion Excalibur4.2 Billion
91Hamster Robot4.31 Billion
92Tiger Circus4.5 Billion
93Native Eagles4.66 Billion
94Hound Hoops4.85 Billion
95Space Apes4.94 Billion
96Tomcat Captain5.13 Billion
97Bison Potter5.37 Billion
98Civet Coffee5.53 Billion
99Chihuahua Max5.84 Billion
100Flexing Felines6.22 Billion
101Chill Cows6.57 Billion
102Farm City7.08 Billion
103Veggie Dogs7.49 Billion
104Pelican Gondolier7.83 Billion
105Tailored Croc8.35 Billion
106Medieval Ferrets8.56 Billion
107Gecko Carwash9.05 Billion
108Hacking Owls9.73 Billion
109Rhino Site10.29 Billion
110Corgi Crooks10.96 Billion
111Gazelle Race11.59 Billion
112Walrus Office12.44 Billion
113Hip Hippos13.18 Billion
114Hot Tub Goats13.76 Billion
115Chef Frogs14.7 Billion
116Prison Pigs15.07 Billion
117Foxy Coast15.89 Billion
118Polar Bear Dessert17.09 Billion
119Witch Crows18.09 Billion
120Tourist Iguana19.3 Billion
121Homebound Hound20.36 Billion
122Gnu Pool21.92 Billion
123Snake Sculpting23.17 Billion
124Dragon Treasures24.19 Billion
125Married Moose25.84 Billion
126Hippo Restaurant26.74 Billion
127Mongoose Motorist28.33 Billion
128Chess Championsheep30.43 Billion
129Brainy Baboons32.16 Billion
130Count Catula33.72 Billion
131Hot Chocolate Moose35.23 Billion
132Pantheon Panther37.46 Billion
133Central Pet Park39.19 Billion
134Off-Road Oryx40.56 Billion
135Pampered Porcupine42.83 Billion
136Koala Gladiator43.42 Billion
137Maze Daze45.32 Billion
138Zen Trek48.32 Billion
139Ladies Luncheon50.63 Billion
140Downward Sheep53.47 Billion
141Pitbull Packers56.25 Billion
142Football Jungle60.5 Billion
143Kangaroo Outback63.97 Billion
144Mouse Squad66.94 Billion
145Squirrel Sleepover69.62 Billion
146Porcelain Store73.94 Billion
147Cyclops Eyeland77.61 Billion
148Alpine Station80.59 Billion
149Skating Swines83.08 Billion
150Bumble Bears87.29 Billion
151Croc CabinUpdating Soon
152Surf SchoolUpdating Soon
153Desert StandoffUpdating Soon
154Crop CrashUpdating Soon
155Rooftop RomanceUpdating Soon
156Northern TalesUpdating Soon
157Dino SiteUpdating Soon
158Golden PoodleUpdating Soon
159Sea SalamandersUpdating Soon
160Building SiteUpdating Soon
161Skater SlothsUpdating Soon
162Lguana BeachUpdating Soon
163Space SheepUpdating Soon
164Wild RunwayUpdating Soon
165Easter RabbitsUpdating Soon
166Squirrel BakersUpdating Soon
167Paintball PupsUpdating Soon
168Otter OasisUpdating Soon
169Panda ParadeUpdating Soon
170Ice Cream ShopUpdating Soon
171Mardi PartyUpdating Soon
172Clover CreekUpdating Soon
173Fox MeetingUpdating Soon
174Water ParkUpdating Soon
175Treasure IslandUpdating Soon
176Art ExhibitUpdating Soon
177Cheetah BathUpdating Soon
178Rio FestivalTBA
179Ancient MosaicUpdating Soon
180Chimney SweepUpdating Soon

Pet Master 2021 Tips and Tricks 

Use your coins as soon as possible instead of stacking them 

You are always susceptible to a possible raid that takes out a large amount of your coins, as shields will not protect you from raids. 

Therefore, always spend coins whenever you can afford a purchase. You still run the risk of someone attacking your village and destroying your buildings, but at least you can protect yourself from that. 

Raid strategy 

If you have a ton of spins at your disposal, it may be worth increasing the bet amount and enjoying the multiplied spins bonus. 

However, it is best to save your spins for raids when the Pet Master at the top of the slot is a player with a large number of coins. 

But keep in mind that you only have a 33% chance of finding the right safe. 

Buy chests in each village to complete collections of cards and albums 

Individual cards do not offer bonuses, but completing a collection of cards does. 

You should always buy as many chests as you can afford when entering a new village without spending real money. 

You’ll want to complete the low-level collection while you’re at low levels, as it becomes more difficult later in the game as you’ll get top-level cards from the chests.