Recapture the North in Conqueror’s Blade Season VI: Scourge of Winter

MY.GAMES and developer Booming Games announce that Season VI: Scourge of Winter is now available in Conqueror’s Blade. Players of the popular medieval MMO can travel to the Ostaria region, where a new enemy has claimed the frozen lands of the North. Against all odds and through the cold winter, heroes from across the known world must join forces. They will face the harsh conditions of the worst winter in living memory and take back the North from the troops of darkness. The terrifying army of Defilers, led by the legendary Winter Scourge, must be defeated.

In addition to a brand new campaign, units that are added to those already available will be able to promote rank in their armies. The Battle Pass, on the other hand, will add heroic rewards for which the warlords will fight. The PvE section will grow at the end of the month, with the mission to recover the invader camps that are erected among the ruins of Ostaria. To rebuild its glory free from looters.

In Season VI: Scourge of Winter, the Warlords will find:

  • A NEW CAMPAIGN: The North has fallen. Between December 21 and mid-March, players can push their troops deep into the frozen North and fight the legendary Winter Scourge and his army of defilers. Heroes from all corners of the known world must join forces if they want to take revenge and regain ground from the troops of darkness …
  • UNIT PROMOTION: Even the greatest soldiers need help to face evil. Players can complete challenges to promote their best units up to the prestigious ranks Lansquenetes (available now), Armigero Lancers (from December 28), and Liao Rangers (from January 18).
  • DYNAMIC WEATHER: The roads that open are treacherous and full of dangers. The changes brought by the season add a new level of immersion to Conqueror’s Blade, with a range of effects, from gusts of wind to blizzards that sweep across Ostaria.
  • SHELTER FROM THE STORM: The weather outside can be horrible. But everything changes with the fire and the festivities offered by the Royal Falcon tavern, in Turul Város. Here, players can take a break from the freezing storms and winter battles. Relax with other warlords, tone your cheeks with winter ale, and take on missions from the bosses.
  • BATTLE PASS: Claim the new challenges of the season, with more than 100 free and premium rewards. Reclaimer’s garb, spectacular archon skin, and many more await the most intrepid warlords. Featuring the Defiler Outfit for Heroes instantly available with the new Battle Pass.
  • THE LEGACY OF WAR: Players can collect Hero Tokens to redeem for 11 new weapon skins inspired by the savage crafting of Defilers during Season VI. Blades are another currency, which is used to unlock old revamped cosmetic items and new armor variants not available since Season II: Wrath of the Nomads.
  • FEUDS IN RUINS (PvE): Starting December 29, the fierce defenders of the North can reclaim lost lands in the new PvE mode. In this one, they must push the sinister invaders from the ruins of Ostaria and use the resources to rebuild the fiefdoms, while earning exclusive rewards. These include the Frost Assassin, Blizzard Soldier, and Cold Steel sets.

Melina Rhyne