Snapchat enters the world of video games with an HTML5-based platform

Snapchat refuses to disappear, and to keep its users, and to attract as many new ones. He recently presented the Snap Games platform with his first six Mario Party-style titles.

The announcement was shared at their first Snap Partner Summit press event, which was held in the city of Los Angeles. Snap Games will debut with 6 games from different companies such as; Zynga, Spry Fox, and Game Closure.

Snapchat’s chief product officer, Will Wu, argues that most games cannot interact with friends. That is why Snap Games will be a platform based on HTML5, which will allow you to play and chat at the same time.

In addition, Snap Games will present Bitmoji Party, a collection of mini-games with multiplayer options. This with the intention of demonstrating the different capabilities of the app where users can communicate.

Part of the video game repertoire will be Tuny Royale, as its name implies it will be a Battle Royale. On the other hand, is Zombie Rescue Squad, here the multiplayer experience will fight zombies.

It should be noted that the games will not monetize through microtransactions. That is, they will generate money through advertising. In this part, the ads will be optional, and users can be rewarded for looking at them. Interesting, right?

Users will be able to explore the available games by pressing the rocket button located in the chat bar.

Bitmoji Party will allow your avatar to compete with up to seven friends at the same time. However, the game series will challenge you to keep your balance. You can also have 24 other players interact at the same time.

Winners will be able to use their rewards and buy items so that in each game they are winners. It should be noted that the chat bar will always be present, users will be able to use text and voice to speak.

Anyway, Snapchat’s strategy seems to be taking a good course, what started with stories now includes posts. The new platform is available from April 4, both for Android and IOS.


Eric Power gives us a bit of digital nostalgia with the animated video games he recently created on paper
Through a series of vintage televisions and classic simulations recreated entirely on paper, the artist Eric Power presents his latest project based on animated video games.

If you have good memories of games like Metroid, Punch-Out, and Shovel Knight, or if you generally like video game music, you should take a look at this animation. It is a journey through time that shows an impressive variety of games represented on paper.

At the same time, it is a music video for Video Games, the new song by Jeremy Messersmith included in Mixtape for the Milky Way.

In this sense, the lyrics of the song reflect much of the essence of video games: if you fall, you don’t really hurt yourself, if you lose, you can start the game again, and then you will always have your progress safely saved.

In the musician’s words, this collaboration is “a celebration of sound minimalism and introspective non-fiction songwriting.” Also, this is not the first time that Messersmith and Power have teamed up, years ago they made another animated video on paper for the Messersmith song “Tatooine”.

Using only paper and cardboard, Eric reconstructs some of the most iconic video games of the ’80s and’ 90s, inserts them into old television screens, and creates an incredibly melancholic stop-motion video. But to show a button, so we leave you the full video.

Surely many will return to their childhood with images of Pacman, Tetris, Asteroid, Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, or Animal Crossing. And speaking of animations, did you see Andrea Love’s wool worlds?


Melina Rhyne