The 5 best Xbox Series X | S and One game for Christmas

These are 5 of the best Xbox Series X and One game for Christmas, a series of amazing experiences to travel worlds, and roads, that make us enjoy these days in which we have more time to play.

The Christmas holidays are a perfect excuse to dedicate ourselves to completing those games that we have been leaving parked throughout the year or to relive experiences that last hours and hours and that, on these dates, are more appealing than ever.

Many of you will have vacations from both studies and work and, therefore, we are going to try to make a series of ‘basic game lists’ so that you can enjoy these holidays in wonderful worlds.

Let’s start with what, in our opinion, are the best Xbox Series X, Series X, and One game for this Christmas.

We warn you that we are going to ‘throw-away’ a lot of Game Pass, since if we have Microsoft’s fantastic service at hand … why not use it?

Halo Saga

And we start with a classic. Halo is one of the pillars of Xbox and, as a celebration of the saga, Microsoft launched the Master Chief Collection on Xbox One. Originally it contained the four numbered Halo and their respective multiplayer modes, but what was going to be a celebration turned into a nightmare because the servers of the multi, directly, were not going.

After numerous patches, various fixes, and more, we now have games that are optimized for One X and the new Xbox Series X | S that not only go perfectly in their campaigns but also have all the multiplayer modes of the series running in a pristine way.

Also, there are not only the four original Halos in the collection but also Reach – which is the best in my opinion – and Halo ODST.

Either because of the story or the multiplayer, it is one of those compulsory games that you really want on vacation. And yes, you can share everyone’s stories at once and in an online or local cooperative.

Gears of War saga

And speaking of fantastic cooperative experiences both on split-screen and online, we have the Gears of War saga. This is not a collection like Halo’s, but the five numbered games and Judgment, as well as the newly released Gears 5 Hive Crusher expansion.

Gears of War is a saga that, at this point, needs no introduction: these are third-person shooters that stand out for their shooting and coverage system. The campaigns are short, but you try very hard and they don’t stop having a very interesting ‘lore’.

We promise that you will have a great time with these games and, besides, if the campaigns fall short you always have the multiplayer mode. Each one has its maps and its peculiarities, but if you want to go for the latter, we recommend the one for Gears 5.

It goes at 60 fps, if you have Series X and a compatible TV you can play at 120 fps and, besides, the horde mode in which several players compete against the machine is an absolute marvel. Without a doubt, for content and fun, Gears is one of the best Xbox games for Christmas.

Forza Horizon 4

And completely changing the register we have Forza Horizon 4. The Playground Games driving and adventure saga is taken to the extreme in a content-laden game in which we drive through a reduced and “fictional” version of England.

We have dozens of cars to master and many, many tests that we can do that will give us endless hours of fun. The soundtrack is fantastic and the best thing is that the driving experience adapts to both our tastes and our ability.

Depending on the parameters and settings that we touch, we can make the experience more arcade or pull to the simulation. Also, if you have a Series X the game is a show.

No Man’s Sky

This is not Microsoft, but it is in Game Pass and has improvements for both Xbox One X Series. No man’s Sky’s adventure didn’t start too well.

Although I really liked the launch title on PS4, the truth is that there was little to do beyond the main adventure and much of what was promised was simply not implemented in the final game.

Patch by patch, update by update, the Hello Games team has left No Man’s Sky almost unrecognizable and now has a ton of content, tons of things to do on the planets, a complete construction system and knows how to keep us motivated to explore that infinite space packed with planets that are procedurally created.

Without a doubt, it is one of the best Xbox games and one very suitable for when you have a lot of free time.


And well, we could not finish the list of the best Xbox Series X and One game for this Christmas without talking about a game from 2011. And, for Skyrim, the years do not pass and if Cyberpunk 2077 has left you a bitter aftertaste, the best thing is to go back to one of the best role-playing games of recent years.

Skyrim needs no introduction at this point and is not only one of the best games of the PS3 and Xbox 360 generation, but also the one we just left behind. The special version for eighth-generation consoles came with several graphical improvements and, also, support for mods.

It is one of those games that, surely, you cannot finish on vacation due to all that there is to do and the dozens of adventures that we can live, but of course it is an ideal time to return to Skyrim … or to venture for the first time in this installment.

Also, if you have an Xbox One X or Series X | S, you should know that there are graphic mods that greatly improve the textures of the title, as well as a mod that eliminates the 30 fps limit and allows you to play at 60 frames per second.

More games are highly recommended for these dates, but here we have left you a few good examples to start and take advantage of Christmas. We can only wish you happy holidays … and have a great time with your Xbox.

Melina Rhyne