The video game revolution: Gadgets for gamers

Spain has more and more gamers; According to a study by ADESE (The Spanish Association of Distributors and Publishers of Entertainment Software) 25.4% of adults play regularly and in Europe, there are already 79.2 million players, and this data continues to increase

This is a reality that the video game industry is appreciating, especially if we talk about the fact that it has managed to “hook” more women in the United States in recent years since in 2010 40% of gamers were women and in 2014 48% were. This indirectly indicates that something is changing in this great world that does not stop growing as the years go by.

This growth, which is largely due to the great accessibility of smartphones and Internet connectivity, makes users increasingly demanding the quality of games, and much more refined with the time they spend playing games. themselves (the so-called micropayments), so large companies are forced to improve and innovate daily.

In addition to this, video games have gained in mobility, which generates a need for the gamer to be in constant movement and to know very well all the rules of the game; a player who is willing to spend between 1 and 3 hours playing a day can already finish a game in a relatively short period of time, so it is necessary to be attentive to the changes and innovations that must be made in these so there is the movement necessary to keep the industry on its feet.

For all these reasons, we can say that the same games already require the use of other additional tools or accessories to make the game more attractive to the user and open new scenarios to play with it.

The gadgets for video games help the user engages much in the strategy and mission of the game; all the accessories that accompany the story of the game and create a much more playful environment. All this will make the player more comfortable and more focused on it. This is called immersion and flow state (the moment in which the user is perfectly introduced to the dynamics of the game and therefore will not want to leave the game).

For this reason, it is increasingly important that there are companies exclusively dedicated to advising gamers on these issues; help them know which accessories are going to be most useful for their new game, or which are going to make their hours spent more productive or more fun than they were previously.

The user’s guide when looking for gadgets can be a fundamental factor so that they can enjoy their video game 100%.

In addition, there are platforms such as GadgetsForGames that help the user to find the perfect accessory for a specific game, as well as giving advice so that you can play your favorite video games with the maximum facilities; It also gives you some tips and tricks so that you can take advantage of it.

For this reason, advice and help on the incorporation of gadgets in video games may be the best option for a user who wants to go further and enjoy a different and expanded way of a game that has just been released, such as this article on how to play Pokémon Go.

These accessories will make the player much more motivated to spend his time in that game, and in this way enjoy it more and spread it better to his entire circle of gamers.

In addition to this, thanks to the tips and accessories, it is very likely that the player will achieve better results in the video game than they would be without these gadgets since they make the game more dynamic, complete, and versatile.

For these reasons, thanks to video game gadgets it is achieved that they last longer over time and can be more widely recognized for their wide variety of ways to enjoy them.

Melina Rhyne