This is PlayStation Now, Sony’s streaming video game service

After the recent announcement of the arrival of the PlayStation Now service in our region by Sony Interactive Entertainment, many players do not know exactly what it is and the benefits it will bring. Soon it will land in new territories in Europe, so we will dedicate this space to detail what it consists of.

PlayStation Now is a streaming video game service that gives access to a library that currently has more than 700 games, finding titles from PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4. With a single subscription, you can play these games directly on your PlayStation 4 or PC via streaming. This means that you can enjoy the catalog instantly from the cloud without having to have the game in physical or downloaded format, although the quality will depend mainly on the quality of your connection.

You can also download PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 2 games on your PS4 to enjoy them without being online and at their native resolution, although from time to time a check will be necessary to see if you are still subscribed to the service.

Among the games you’ll find are PlayStation exclusives, acclaimed masterpieces, standalone gems, and more, with new games added every month. There are titles of all kinds of genres, such as action, fighting, shooters, or platforms, thus adapting to the tastes of any type of player.

Downloaded titles support downloadable content and other add-ons that users have purchased, along with enhancements that you can enjoy on PS4 Pro, although certain games may not be available for download, disabling these options.

The prices that this service will have in our country are still unknown, but we can get an idea for those in other regions. Generally, the change from dollars to euros is not proportional to its monetary value, limiting itself only to changing the dollar symbol for the euro, so it would not be surprising if the same happens this time.

You will have a 7-day free trial to get an idea of ​​how everything works, then go on to a one-month subscription for a price of $ 19.99. Later we have the subscriptions of three months, at $ 44.99, or one year, for $ 99.99.

Those who want to try the service and access its catalog of games will have a beta version in early February. Only residents of Spain, Italy, Portugal, Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Sweden may participate, registering on its website to request access, although this does not guarantee that it will reach all users who do.

Melina Rhyne