What are the best gaming and office chairs in 2021?

Ergonomic, cheap, and attractive office and gaming chairs.

A gamer chair or office chair is a totally indispensable object if we must spend many hours sitting in front of the computer every day. If you are a gamer or you are doing remote work, these are the best options in ergonomic chairs:

Cougar Armor Titan

This Cougar gaming chair lives up to its name, as it truly is a titan. It is an ergonomic chair that has a solid steel frame and supports up to 160 kg of weight. The seat is 60 cm thick and has a wrap-around design that provides support and comfort. Minimize stress on your lower back and neck with pillows that allow you to stay seated longer. And it’s made from the finest materials – the finest quality synthetic leather, thick for durability, yet breathable to keep you cool. Also, it has five options for height adjustment and reclines up to 170º. The armrest is adjustable in three dimensions and different directions. Get it in black and orange.

Thunder X3 YC3

The Thunder X3 YC3 gaming chair has an ergonomic design with strategically placed padding in the contact areas and a removable lumbar cushion. This allows it to adapt to the shape of the user. It is made with premium synthetic leather with AIR technology, which means that it has micro-perforations to make it breathable. The backrest is tiltable up to 180º and the armrest can be adjusted in two directions. The structure is made of steel and the wheels are made of resistant nylon. It weighs 20 kg and supports up to 150 kg of weight (although the recommended user weight is up to 125 kg). It comes in black or cyan.

Cougar Armor One EVA

This desk chair features the distinctive Cougar design that has made this brand so popular. It is an ergonomic chair with a high-back wraparound design to provide better support for the whole body. The synthetic leather it uses is breathable and has pillows for the head and lower back. The height is adjustable and the recline reaches 180º. The height and direction of the armrest can be adjusted. Its structure is made of steel and supports a maximum weight of 120 kg. It is not as wide as the Armor Titan, but rather medium in size.

Cougar Fusion

A model that also works as an office chair or a swivel executive chair, built with the best quality materials. It has a wraparound low-back design, with extra-long armrests made of breathable synthetic leather, just like the rest of the body. The diamond design on the backrest is downright beautiful and it is a very elegant overall chair, especially in black. The height is adjustable and supports up to 120 kg of weight. The seat is 53 cm wide and the total weight is 17.8 kg. It is a cheap gamer chair that is well worth it. You can get it in black and orange.

Melina Rhyne