What does it take to stream quality video games?

PC for streaming, webcam, microphone, video recorder, stream deck, and everything you need to stream video games as an amateur or professional.

The streaming video game has become an essential part of the gaming industry. Thousands of gamers around the world broadcast their game sessions live through streaming services such as YouTube, Twitch, Discord, Facebook Gaming, and others. But to stream, you don’t just need dedication and passion for games. You also need a good computer for streaming, a webcam, microphone, and video recorder, among other more or less necessary devices. In this guide, we show you everything you need to share your games with the rest of the world.

How to stream? Equipment for streaming

PC for streaming

You cannot use any type of PC to stream. A computer for streaming video games should have a multi-core processor, a powerful video card, and a good amount of RAM. The Streambox Core is ideal for those debuting in the world of live streaming, while the Streambox Master is designed for professional streaming.

Camera and microphone

To stream from your PC you will also need peripherals such as headphones with a microphone to enhance the gaming experience and also capture your impressions. A webcam is also an important addition. Although not strictly necessary, users like it better when they can watch you play as it creates a kind of closeness between the player and the viewer. You can use your cell phone as a webcam, but it is best to buy one.

Video capturer

A PC video grabber picks up video signals from an external source and sends them to your computer. A video recorder is necessary if you plan to stream from a console or use a camcorder as a webcam. The Elgato HD60S video capture device is a plug-n-play device with a USB-C connector perfect for Full HD resolution at 1080p60. A solution for multiplatform content creators.

Stream Deck (professional streaming)

A stream deck is a keyboard in which each key can be configured to execute an action or series of actions when pressed. It makes the transmission much easier since you don’t have to enter the different programs. From the stream deck, you can start the transmission, change the scene, open programs, start games, control the microphone, or perform some action on social networks.

The Elgato 15-key Stream Deck is a good choice for beginners. But for professionals, the best choice is the Stream Deck XL El Gato, with 32 customizable keys.

Lighting (professional streaming)

Investing in lights is well worth it if you want your stream to look more professional. A few light panels or even a few light rings make a big difference.

Green screen (professional streaming)

A green screen or Green Screen makes video game streaming much more immersive. It is very easy to use and is the perfect ally for streamers and professional gamers.

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Melina Rhyne