Xiaomi has a curious vacuum cleaner that also serves to inflate wheels

It is a device that has just been put on sale in China.

In these times when it never hurts to have a small device at hand with which to clean some surfaces that end up a bit dirty, Xiaomi has thought that it would be a good idea to combine two concepts that, well thought out, complement each other. Because taking advantage of the fact that a suction force is necessary to remove dirt, the same power applied in reverse can allow us to fill a wheel in a few seconds.

And that is precisely what he has done, creating a gadget so useful that we can take it in the car, always at hand and well loaded, to clean any crumb that falls on the seats, or to fill the pressure of the tires, the wheels of a bicycle or the ball with which we play on the soccer field with friends.

Also, this device surprises with its compact design, a finish that no one would relate to that of a vacuum cleaner, and that has space to fit a small screen where it informs us, for example, of the pressure reached in what we want to inflate. Something very useful in the case of car tires, where setting the correct pressure allows us to maintain reasonable fuel consumption without losing grip and safety.

Low weight and high performance

With a size of 31.5×5.5 cm. and a weight that barely reaches half a kilo, this Xiaomi vacuum/inflator is capable of reaching 80,000 rpm with its engine. and print power of 10,000 Pa. We can commission you to collect the smallest particles thanks to a HEPA filter that frees us from microscopic microorganisms. So it not only collects, but also frees us from viruses, bacteria, and other threats.

In the case of its mode as an inflator, this Xiaomi gadget offers an inflation capacity at pressures of up to 150 PSI, which means that it injects up to ten liters of air per minute. Of course, all this power will have a significant impact on its autonomy since, as it is designed to suck and inflate without having it connected to the current, we will only have half an hour of use thanks to its 2,500 mAh battery.

Those 30 minutes, translated into real tasks, involve the inflation of about six bicycle wheels and about 60 basketballs that we can control from the small screen installed on the back. Through it, it is possible to control which battery we have left and, as we said before, the pressure at which we are inflating whatever we need.

As is customary in Xiaomi, this device has been put up for sale on its Youpin page for 199 yuan which, in exchange, comes to about 24 euros. It is to be imagined that when it arrives in Europe, that amount will be significantly increased, which could happen in the coming months both in the Chinese stores themselves, as well as through large online distributors.


Melina Rhyne